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Terms of Use.

Restrictions on the Use of Materials

This website is owned and operated by Maria Gabriela Siqueira Cazulli, owner of the website.

Nothing contained on the site www.gabrielacazulli.com or any other site belonging to the owner of this site, or which is controlled by it, may be copied or reproduced or distributed under any circumstances. The owner of the website retains all rights and authority over the website. Neither the company nor the manager is responsible for malicious or censored comments, and can only be against such acts.

Designed and produced by her. Copying or reproduction is prohibited.


This website is made to function as a virtual store, for the products that are displayed, being them, for personal goods, this is not guaranteed, and any information must be taken, contacting gabcazulli @ gmail.com or the owner, being able to avail the option of vouchers or orders.

The prices are pre-defined before the products go live, taxes are included and there is the additional freight, for the acceptable payment method PayPal ”, no other way is accepted and you can have your proof of payment by paypal.

The website does not have a digital certificate yet, we will soon be making this contract feasible.

The products are made of fabric and therefore are not breakable, the company is not responsible for the loss of the product, or violation of the box, after the product has arrived by mail. After dispatched, the product is at the customer's expense.

It may happen that the customer receives a product gift certificate with equivalent value of the previous one, valid for 30 days and upon ordering a product.

Exchange is accepted within 30 days by filling in the customer's data, as well as tax number or tax document.

The exchange can be for handicrafts as well as for clothes.

Clothes ordering has a delivery time of 90 days.

Right of repentance: the Customer will be entitled to exercise the right to repent of the purchase, with the purpose of returning the Product, in which case the following conditions must be observed: the period of withdrawal from the purchase of the product is up to 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of receipt; in case of return, the product must be returned to www.gabrielacazulli.com in the original packaging, accompanied by the DANFE (Auxiliary Document of the Electronic Invoice), the manual and all its accessories.

IV.I - The Customer must request the return through the Customer Service (SAC) or directly on the Home Page, in the "Contact" topic.

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