Gabriela Cazulli

Tailoring Shorts

Only 2 units of this product remain

First Piece for Sale of Clothes that I made myself.

Do you like comfort and beauty? Wherever you are, whoever you want to hang out with? Your friends and you will love this look.

Made of Tweed Fabric with a soft fit and beautiful appearance, it looks like you're ready to walk with your friends, at a party at night, on a personal date, go for a walk in a park, spend time in the snow... Imagine you with this one shorts for your much desired Christmas?!!!!

Piece that only you will have, fabric that looks just like Channel fabrics.

Colors in Light Blue. Finished in elastic waistband.

Waist measures 70cm with elastic. Hip measures 95 cm. TAM 38 from Europe.

Possible to Manufacture To order, with other types of fabric and finishing. We serve through the contacts section.

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