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The website www. gabrielac... , together with the site administration , makes available its privacy policy, made contemporarily and particular to the structure of the site itself.

To the requested data ; visitor data is requested on all pages to collect data from google analytics, so; to make the site more competitive and partially aware of data on tastes, age, gender.

(Any changes to this policy will be made available to visitors, within the administrator's update period, maximum 1 month.)

To your interactions; This site interacts with the reader in a small and clear way, that is, if there are no comments, there will be no interaction, unless, as specified, by google analytics; (form of collection of information from the website).

The data collection; the site does not yet collect user data for forms, but will soon be making forms available, which takes into account the satisfaction and surveys carried out for the development of the audience and the user participation and is protected within the content made possible by the site and also only superficial information will be collected, if the visitor does not want to fill in or participate, he is free of any data collected, except those where information is necessary, for example, for delivery and purchase, normally made by another company, in this case. The site that provides form data is an example, and it adds values and privacy protection. All payments are via Paypal, do not accept any other form of payment, as well as the site will not accept other and other forms of payment.

E-mails: This site will soon make available a way to share information via form filling, for e-mail registration, where you will send information by e-mail such as newsletters ( According to posting frequency) and promotions or registration changes, or any additional information that management questions is important, please only accept emails from:

This email is from the administration.

For face-to- face contacts, face-to-face contacts are not made with regard to internet and user, personal contacts are normally made by the administrator and takes into account the local public in their region and neighboring regions. The information requested in face-to-face contacts will only be for registration and research of the company. Informing that the company does not contact the user by phone or question data through this means of communication, the interaction is of a comprehensive commercial format, that is, contacts normally made for political matters.

Use of Cookies: The website's cookies come from search engines, as well as Google Analytics and are normally not done by the website's administration, that is, it occurs due to internet and other forms of access.

Use of Data: The website collects data through search engines such as google analytics and uses the information to grow in all directions on the website as well as the company; in this way, audience surveys and treatment of the public, that is, impersonal development with the user.

Anonymous Browsing: Your anonymous browsing can be done through https:// (https://) , which is usually made available by Microsoft on the internet. Data collection is not done by html.

Information Sharing:

The company in question normally does not share data with any other organization, unless the ones in question, other forms, made by other companies. As is available in other privacy policies; Read about privacy policy: Google, Paypal.

We do not trade visitor and recurring data.

· This exposed social information with other networks, that is, social networks and companies, where you can judge as being information provided by other companies.

· Access privacy policy and terms of use.

The website was built by the administration using resources generated by google sites and has dns management used by the Google server

· Visit Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Any changes to the website are not permitted and any comments may be removed using the website's resources. If registration update is required, please contact us via e-mail:

Search the privacy policy through the website's home page, and updates will be available on the website within a maximum period of one month.

Site rules will be available on the home page, bottom. Click on privacy policy.

Get in touch via e-mail:

Service via email only.

Add information on Google pages.

Twitter: @gabrielacazulli

Social Networks: Blogger/ Youtube/ Twitter/ Google/Instagram.


The site provides security standards according to basic google resources and uses means of receiving via the internet by clicking on the paypal link available in each item available for sale.

Being able to share your experiences leaving comments on the page or send us an email through the administration email. However, the size of the company and the federative norms of each country are taken into account. Both for the company and for the buyer.

The data is filed in computerized internal documents, and is not shared and also complies with the laws of the company where payments are made, that is, PayPal.

These are available in the transaction as regulated by the Paypal payment company and there is no other form of payment, nor donation. They are subject to the registration laws of the internet. Sharing buyer information is not allowed.


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