Work Diary !!!

I am opening the doors once more, because only who can close our doors and our dreams and decisions is God, so ... I invite you once again to honor the opening of my online store, which started in 2014 and has never stopped since.

Customer from afar, Customers from near. Neighboring customers and customers from the other neighborhood. Salon Customers, Pastry Customers. Customers of Vitrine, do Trabalho. You are the ones who make everything happen, do the coolest part of the work, the severe snack!

Many influencers around, many new possibilities, creations, expectations. Friends and brothers, those who look from afar and want to get close, those who look as if they don't know and end up staying. You know your life is a choice, but you can change the route whenever necessary. Everything starts simple and then evolves. What is ours stays and what is not is gone! I want them to be:

WELCOME to this journey again.

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